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Welcome to Go With the Dough!

May 25, 2011

Hey friends! My name is Hillary, and I’d like to welcome you to my little corner of the blog world. While you can find an extremely long-winded description about me, my background, and my reasons for starting this blog on my “About Me” page, I’m happy to give you the Cliffs Notes version here. In short:

  • I like food.
  • I like exercising.
  • I used to like food way more than exercising, and I spent a good deal of my adolescence and early adulthood overweight and generally unhappy with the way I looked and, more importantly, felt as a result.
  • I eventually realized that I–GASP!–enjoyed exercising, too! I lost a bunch of weight.
  • Sadly, I believed exercising (and losing weight) meant I had to give up my love for food. I ate lots of egg whites and naked chicken breasts. Lots of them. Too many.
  • I missed enjoying food.
  • Then, miracle of all miracles, I slowly began to realize (through a variety of sources, including reading lots of studies, articles, and blogs, as well as paying attention to my own body) that I could maintain a healthy lifestyle, stay at or close to my current “Happy Weight,” AND enjoy food.
  • I started meshing my two loves, slowly but surely, and found a happy balance. I realized that it’s not all that weird for me to enjoy training for a half marathon and enjoy baking multiple batches of cookies each week. Runners can eat, and bakers can run. Brilliant, right?

And so this blog was born! I don’t expect to break the mold with this blog; I know that there are more Healthy Living/Food/Baking/whathaveyou blogs out than than I could ever keep tabs on, and I don’t aim to compete with them or compare myself to them. In fact, I expect this forum to be a hodgepodge of sorts. I’d love to give back even a small amount that I’ve gained from reading these blogs over the past year. I want to share new workouts, fun recipes, and the odd bit of humor here and there. Really, I’d just like to share with you some things that have worked for me—a bit of Pay It Forward, or something of the sort.

I hope you’ll stop back often, check in on what I’m up to, and share your experiences, as well! I look forward to sharing mine with you.

Until next time!

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